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Application to Purchase Internet Quote Engine License (Canada)

The Internet Engine License permits installation of Compulife's web software technology on your sever. This provides maximum security and the ability to fully customize your options and features. You can only purchase the internet engine if you are a subscriber to the Standard Version of Compulife's Quote software. If you are not a subscriber, click here for details about how to receive a 4 Month FREE subscription.

One of the advantages to those purchasing the Internet Engine is that you have the same ability as Compulife's Authorized web providers, which is to be able to integrate website quotes for anyone else's website. Integrating the engine into other peoples' websites is available at NO ADDITIONAL COST; the only stipulation is that the person or entity that you are hosting quotes for on your server is a Compulife subscriber.

For example, if you are a General Agency and you want to provide term quotes for your agents web sites, and you want to do that as part of your value added services to those agencies, you can do so at NO CHARGE providing each agent is a subscriber to Compulife. When you combine that NO CHARGE opportunity, with the fact that an agency can buy Compulife for its agents for as little as $99 per year, we can only wonder why more agencies are not taking advantage of the opportunity to provide these valuable tools to their agents.

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