Options / Add-ons

The following are optional features and add-ons to the website quoter. For pricing and additional descriptions, click here.

Other Result Templates

More Info Button on Result Template This result template has a More Info button instead of the default Request Application button. More Info Button Template Demo

No Action Button on Result Template This result template has no action button for Request Application or More Info. No Action Button Template Demo

Consumer ID Add-on

Consumer ID The consumer ID option allows you to collect the consumer's personal information as they run the initial quote. You will be sent an e-mail with the information from your initial quote screen, including the consumer's name, phone number and e-mail address. DEMO Consumer ID

Health Analyzer Add-on

Full Health Analyzer This option includes a Health Analyzer button on the quote results. If the visitor clicks that, they can then answer the full spectrum of health questions. Full Health Analyzer Demo

Mini-Health Analyzer This option includes some basic health questions on the initial quote page. Mini-Health Analyzer Demo

Calculator Add-ons

Income Replacement Calculator A calculator that will help your client understand how much insurance is required to replace their income if they die. Income Replacement Calculator Demo

Retirement Calculator A calculator, which will help determine how much one needs to save each year to obtain a retirement income. Retirement Calculator

Color Choices

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Edit Face Amount and Age Option

This feature allows you to enter any age and specific amount of insurance.

You must have an Agency/BGA License to add this option.

Edit Face Amount and Age Demo

Table Ratings

This feature gives you the ability to run Table Ratings.

We recommend this option for Agency/BGA Licensed subscribers only.

Table Ratings Demo

Term4Sale Lead Exchange Program

What is the Term4Sale.com Lead Exchange Program? To demo this option, select Alabama as the state on the left and then click Compare Now.