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Term4Sale Lead Exchange

You must be a subscriber to COMPULIFE's online quote software to take advantage of this offer. If you are already a subscriber to Compulife, and have never before used Compulife's online quote system, then you can have 4 months free of the Website Quotes. Click here to complete the application form.

If you are not a current subscriber you can try our software for 4 Months FREE including 4 months of online quotes for free.

How The Lead Exchange Works

Assume that you do not sell in all 50 states. What do you do with visitors to your site, who are from states in which you do not sell?

If you are willing to send those visitors to Term4Sale, and if those visitors use the special referral landing page that we have created, in order to contact the 3 agents listed for the zip code that will be entered by your visitor, then you will receive another FREE zip code listing at Term4Sale.

Your additional FREE listing at Term4Sale will increase your chances of selling a policy to a consumer in your state, who finds you through the Term4Sale agent listings. And if other Compulife subscribers send their out-of-state visitors to Term4sale, and they are from states in which you sell, then together with your fellow subscribers, you will increase your chances of doing more business.

The FREE zip code listing which you receive will be for the balance of the current year, plus the entire year following. That represents a $12 to $23 listing value.

IMPORTANT: FREE zip codes are more important than paid zip codes.

FREE zip code listings also carry a priority over paid zip code listings in that you can use FREE zip code listings to bump paid listings from zip codes that are full. That's pretty important as many of the best zip codes at our site are full, and they are usually full because someone paid to be added to that code.

NOTE: To make it easier to research which zip codes have subscribers listed, we have created the Zip Code Analyzer. When you enter in the zip code that you are interested in the Analyzer will display a list of that zip code together with nearby zip codes showing how many subscribers are listed in each zip code. If a zip code has 3 listed, it is considered full. The analyzer also gives you important facts about the economics of the zip code.

How Do I Activate the Term4Sale Lead Exchange

Once again, you must have Compulife's online quoting tool on your website. Assuming that you do, then you simply visit your Web Quotes Control Panel to activate the option. The control panel is the same place where you chose which companies appear in your quotes and where you specify which e-mail is to receive application requests.

A link to the control panel was provided to you when you first setup your online quotes. If you have lost or forgotten the link (make it a favorite in your browser), you can e-mail Compulife at and we can send you another link.

Once you get to the control panel, the right hand side of the page contains the Term4Sale Lead Exchange option. Assuming that no states are checked, the system considers you NOT connected to the Term4Sale Lead Exchange.

To activate the lead exchange, you must

  1. Enter your name in the box provided
  2. Check off those states in which you are licensed

Providing that you have entered your name and have at least one state checked, then all the states that you have not checked will send your visitor to the Term4Sale site for those states.

How Do I Check To Make Sure It is Working

It is easy to check and make sure that you have checked the states correctly.

Let's assume that you are licensed to sell in California and that you have checked CA on the control panel.

Go to the web quoting software on your site. Select California from the list of states and click on the "Compare Now" button. Your site should generate the comparison that was requested.

Now assume that you are NOT licensed to sell in Rhode Island and have not checked it on your control panel (but you have entered your name and checked at least one other state on your control panel).

Once again, go to the web quoting software on your site. Select the state in which you do not sell, in this example Rhode Island. Having entered in Rhode Island on your site, click on the "Compare Now" button. Your site will now transfer to the Term4Sale Lead Exchange referral page.

Your visitor will now be given the following message (from you) at the Term4sale site:

    Thank you for your comparison request. Currently we do not sell life insurance in your state, but we are affiliated with the Term4Sale online quoting web site. Term4Sale will let you run insurance comparisons and can connect you with life insurance agents who would love to compete for your life insurance business. If you will fill in your Zip Code, Term4Sale will give you a list of 3 agents doing business in your area, and then let you see your instant comparison using Term4sale.

Once the visitor has entered their zip code, and clicks the "Get List Of Agents" button, a list of 3 agents will be displayed, just as it does if a consumer had run a comparison at and requested the list of agents.

The consumer will then be asked to provide their name, phone number, e-mail address, and will be able to make any changes to the client entry form for the insurance comparison. Once they click on the "Compare Now & Contact Agents" button, two things will happen.

First, the visitor will get the comparison that they have requested.

Second, and with the same click, an e-mail will be sent to the 3 agents listed, advising them of the referral. In addition, you will receive an e-mail alerting you that a visitor to your site was referred to the 3 agents at Term4sale. Your e-mail alert will be sent to the e-mail address that you have entered on your control panel. Your e-mail alert will give you instructions about how to pick another free zip code.

Finally, Compulife will get a copy of the e-mail to alert us that you have now earned an additional free zip code listing.

NOTE: Free zip code listings will not be given for invalid leads. If we determine, in reviewing the email, that Porky Pig is shopping for life insurance, or if one of the subscribers who received the lead complains that the email and phone number were invalid, the lead will be rejected as invalid.

Once we have received the lead, you will now be able to add another FREE zip code to your list for Term4Sale and that zip code will be your's, and considered paid, for the balance of the year, and the entire year which follows. Your e-mail alert will give you instructions about how to pick another free zip code.

You Are Not Required To Participate

IMPORTANT: Nothing requires you to participate in the Term4Sale Lead Exchange program.

It is completely up to you whether or not you activate the Term4Sale Lead Exchange on your control panel. If you do not wish to participate, do not activate the feature on your control panel.

NOTE:All new online quoting systems default to not activated.

One the other hand, we think this a great way for you to convert your out-of-state visitors and exchange them for the possibility of more consumer contacts through Term4Sale listings.

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