Domain Names For Sale

Compulife has taken the trouble, and spent some time, identifying some excellent domain names that we think could/should be used for term or life insurance quoting web sites. The list of domain names are FOR SALE to Compulife subscribers. After the list of domain names currently for sale, you will see a list of domain names that Compulife has previously sold.

See a domain you like but think we priced it too high - make us an offer; keep in mind the domains that godaddy is selling, and what they are asking.

IMPORTANT: Following the lists of domain names you will find important information that you should read.

Domain Names for Sale
termterm.com 6 year old domain name Compulife now owns $995
termpost.com 4 year old domain name Compulife now owns $199
futureterm.com 4 year old domain name Compulife now owns $149
shopaquote.com 3 year old domain name Compulife now owns $149
lifebandit.com 5 year old domain name Compulife now owns $129
termvendor.com 3 year old domain name Compulife now owns
the place to buy term insurance
yourtermpolicy.com 3 year old domain name Compulife now owns
the place to find your term policy
mytermpolicy.com 3 year old domain name Compulife now owns
the place to find your term policy
termspotter.com 3 year old domain name Compulife now owns
spot the best deals on term insurance
lifevip.com godaddy.com is selling this domain name for $3,588.00  
policyterm.com 4 year old domain name Compulife now owns $99
webterm.com godaddy.com is selling this domain name for $4,388.00  
termpreferred.com 7 year old domain name Compulife now owns $89
ishop4life.com 4 year old domain name Compulife now owns $89
lifeace.com godaddy.com is selling this domain name for $2,888.00  
termquotemasters.com 5 year old domain name Compulife now owns $89
rapidterm.com godaddy.com is selling this domain name for $1,200.00  
erterm.com emergency assistance for term buyers $49
atlastlife.com the life insurance site you have been searching for $49
mcterm.com the place for low cost term $49
mclife.com godaddy.com is selling this domain name for $2,581.00  

The Following Domain Names Have Been Sold By Compulife
termunlimited.com SOLD
doterm.com SOLD
lowestterm.com SOLD
myinsuranceshop.com SOLD
insuranceceo.com SOLD
termbuyer.com SOLD
termrus.com SOLD
laserterm.com SOLD
termtrack.com SOLD
termmd.com SOLD
drterm.com SOLD
byterm.com SOLD
idterm.com SOLD
term411.com SOLD
term800.com SOLD
termmap.com SOLD
termgps.com SOLD
termvip.com SOLD
termwiz.com SOLD
termkey.com SOLD
termzip.com SOLD
termcop.com SOLD
termhunt.com SOLD
termdoc.com SOLD
ourterm.com SOLD
termsnap.com SOLD
termsos.com SOLD
sosterm.com SOLD
termtip.com SOLD
tryterm.com SOLD
termkit.com SOLD
termfix.com SOLD
termfox.com SOLD
termhut.com SOLD
lifewow.com SOLD

You do NOT need a separate domain name to incorporate our quote system on your web site. Providing that you have the ability to transfer .hmtl pages to the server where your quote site is, we can provide you with the necessary .html page that is needed to add term quotes to your web site. To see what that .html file would look like, here is a sample:


WARNING: Do not use this actual page on your site without contacting us. When we create and send your version of that page to you, it will have YOUR specific account information built into it. The email we send you will also include a link to your control panel where you determine which companies are used for quotes. You will also use the control panel to identify which email address any request for an application goes to should a consumer visit your site.

You can also see the options you have for you online quote system on this page:


The good news, if you want to add the on-line quote system to your website, is that you can do so for 4 months for FREE. If you are already a Compulife subscriber, just complete the following application form:

Application Form for Web site Quotes

NOTE: At the end of 4 months you are not obligated to buy anything.

If you do not have a web site, or if you would like to set up a separate web site for doing quotes, under a different domain name, Compulife can do that for you for an extra $50 per year, which includes the annual cost of a domain name that you come up with. The $50 is an annual fee for hosting plus one domain name.

NOTE: Any domain name that you purchase through this program is YOUR DOMAIN name in the future, and you may transfer it to yourself at any time. If you fail to transfer the domain name, and do not pay to renew it, Compulife reserves the right to renew it and take possession.

ALSO NOTE: The $50 hosting fee is not available for 4 months for free. If we are setting up a site for you, the $50 must be paid in advance.

During our discussion with agents they are often wondering what domain names are available and how to search and find a good one. Compulife has taken the time and made some effort to locate and pre-register some great domain names which are FOR SALE to Compulife subscribers. You are welcome to buy any one of the above domain names for use with our on-line quote system.

The current price for any one of the following domain names appears in blue next to the domain name. The price is a one time fee. You are responsible for the domain name renewal, which will occur when each domain name renews (that will vary in length from 1 to 12 months.

The reason that we believe these domain names are good is because they are SHORT and/or easy to remember. That is the key to a great domain name and we have started with domain names that are as short as possible. In addition, we have outlined, next to each domain name, the "thought" or "meaning" that could be attached to the domain name.

NOTE: The meaning is merely an example. You can attach whatever meaning that you want to the domain name.

If you purchase the domain name, it is your domain name.

IMPORTANT: These domain names are ONLY available to Compulife subscribers who have added the Compulife internet quotes to their web site.

At any point, while you own the domain name, if you want it transferred to you, we are happy to comply. If you fail to renew the domain name, and Compulife has possession of it and elect to renew it, then we will consider your ownership to have lapsed and the name will revert back to Compulife. We then reserve the right to sell or use it.

While we have registered the .com variations of the following domain names, we would encourage you to also register the .net and .org variations (in Canada you should add the .ca) to ensure that if your site and domain name eventually become popular, no one else can bushwhack you by registering those variants and pointing them to a different site. We are happy to register those variants for you at an additional cost of $10 each per year.

Now we fully expect this list of domain names will spark other people to get ideas about domain names, and that is good. And if you can come up with your own domain name, and/or one that you think is better, go for it. You can easily check for the availability of domain names at:


To review, short is better and real short is best. We actually went through all the two and three letter combinations of words, and thought up all the best known two and three letter acronyms, to compose the domain name list that you see above. We used the key words "term", "life" and "insurance" in conjunction with those two and three letter words. You will note that there are very few "insurance" combinations still available but we found lots with the word "term". We prefer "term" to "insurance" because "term" is shorter and easier to spell. There were much fewer options with the word "life" which would be as good as "term".

If you combine the two words "term" and "insurance" or "life" and "insurance" you will find even more options available for $10, but now there are three words which generally is not recommended unless you can keep it short (ie. term4sale). For example, you could register "terminsuranceace.com" or "terminsurancewiz.com" (we have already sold termace.com and termwiz.com) but we ourselves are not going to re-sell three word domain names at this time. By contrast, "lifeinsuranceace.com" and "lifeinsurancewiz.com" are taken.

Another word that can be added, to create a whole new group of domain names is the word "the". For example, you could add to "termace.com" and make "thetermace.com". The problem is that if you give someone that domain name, they may forget the word "the", type in "termace.com" and go to the other site. The person who purchased termace.com may wish to obtain further protection for his domain name by registering "thetermace.com" and "terminsuranceace.com" for the $10 each, and point them to his "termace.com" web site. But if he doesn't, you could use it with the ensuing problems that are created if later the web site termace.com becomes popular. Compulife will not be registering these domain names and selling them, but will register them on behalf of customers if such a request is made.

For example, I was the first to register compulife.com and did not register compulife.net. Someone else ended up with compulife.net and I was later able to purchase it from another owner although it was at a much higher cost than simply registration. But once you build an important brand name, you don't want it leaking business because someone else is using it.

We have also begun making lists of other longer two word domain names that are still available, which we will register and offer once we sell a few more of the above listed shorter domain names.

IMPORTANT: We consider the short domain names to be the "best of the bunch" available. They are best because they are very short, easy to remember and hard to mistype or spell.

Later, and we can't say when, and after we add to the above list as the existing crop is sold, we may lower the prices from $100. Again, we can't say when that will happen but in the meantime you should know that we are always open to offers.

We do not expect to make any price changes quickly because at this point we think there are some real cherries and would encourage you to act quickly - you snooze you lose. Did you see some of the example of domain names that godaddy has for sale and what the asking prices are for those? We think $100 is an outright bargain for any of the one's that we have come up with. But if you can do better, try for it. One of our customers told us that he spent the entire weekend trying different names and came up with term1.com. It's a great domain name but how many hours do you want to invest? Note: termone.com is already taken by someone else - do you see a problem?

And while we are on the subject, yes we also own termforsale.com and termfoursale.com which all point to term4sale.com. We also own termsale.com (which points to term4sale) but think term4sale.com conveys the idea better.

Feel free to call Jeremiah at (800) 798-3488 or Bob at (888) 798-3488 if you have questions or need help. And you can email Jeremiah at jkuhn@compulife.com or Bob at barneyrl@compulife.com

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