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Internet Mid-Month Update
United States

This update is for the   June 2022 edition  of Compulife          

                   This update was posted on:     June 24, 2022 10:32 pm

The following file is available for downloading:


Please click on and save the above file to your C:\COMPLIFE folder,
then follow the decompression instructions below.


Once you have clicked on and saved the above UPDATEU.CMP file to your \COMPLIFE folder, start your Compulife program. If the update file is located in the \COMPLIFE folder, the system will ask you if you wish to process it. Say yes.

If you have not placed the file in the \COMPLIFE folder, proceed to the Master Menu. At the Master Menu click on "Manage Product Database" and then select "Find Downloaded File From Internet" The program will then search your hard disk to locate the file. Once you have instructed the program to copy the file to your \COMPLIFE folder, you can completely exit the Compulife program. Start the Compulife program from scratch. At that point the program will see the update file and ask if you wish to process it. Say yes.

Please call Compulife at (800) 798-3488 if you have any problem with these procedures.

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